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Maintain Your RV Batteries Happy By Giving Them A Monitor

Maintain Your RV Batteries Happy By Giving Them A Monitor

If you have invested the mod-time and mod-money to upgrade your battery bank and charging system, then you definately should also invest in a battery monitor. There are a variety of monitors available overlaying a broad range of features. A easy volt meter can quickly let you know at a glance what your battery voltage is and subsequently the assumed percent of charge remaining. This can be a bit misleading although since voltage alone does not inform the entire story. A easy voltage reading would should be carried out when there isn't any load on the battery for not less than 24 hours to get an accurate reading. This just isn't very sensible and doubtless not something you would wish to do frequently.

What is required is a way to tell how much capability you have left in your boat battery monitor bank, very similar to a car's gas gauge. At a fast glance, you possibly can see how much gas you've got left so you know when to fill up. Battery screens work a lot the identical way. Not solely can they inform how a lot battery capacity you've gotten left, however they also can monitor real-time present draw, how a lot energy has been consumed, and how a lot current going in to the battery during charging.

Performing this mod requires each patience and high high quality electrical connections. These type of battery displays use what's called a shunt, which is a high-precision resistor that goes in between the negative battery cable from the battery bank and the battery bank terminal, such that every one the present going into the battery bank (charging) and out (discharging) must pass through the shunt. The current distinction between the shunt terminals is measured and despatched to the monitor for display. It's important that every one connections are properly made to make sure accurate readings. It needs to be noted that the shunt, wiring, connectors, and mounting boxes are all sold separately so plan on purchasing these things in addition to the monitor itself.

Mounting options for many monitors embody box mount and surface mount. Surface mounting offers a clear and finished look. Just make certain you've gotten sufficient area behind the mounting surface to accommodate the monitor circuitry and connections. Follow the directions supplied with the monitor as they usually come with many diagrams and examples, particularly the TriMetric brand.

After you will have put in the monitor, the enjoyable begins. There is a little bit of tweaking to be done, like programming in your battery bank capacity in amp-hours, charging parameters, time-to-discharge pattern intervals, and alarms. After a number of discharge-charge cycles, you could discover that you must tweak the parameters once more to get them just right. However modding your RV is meant to enjoyable, right?

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